Inspiration from Florence, Italy

I know. I´m never going to be a real photographer. You cannot imagine how I suffered when trying to take these pictures. But I just have to share something with you.
Some picuters of my daily life.
Something I discovered in Italy.
The little something that makes me happy.

So if you like exploring new things, you may enjoy it.

How to travel with a style

Have a look what I found. Funny labels on the bags such as DONT TOUCH, IT IS MINE, HANDS OFF or NOT YOUR BAG. I couldn´t resist to buy one and make my luggage funny:-)

The shop assistants from the Organic shop must love me. I´ve got so many testers of creams, lotions, shampoos etc. from them. Great for travelling when you dont want to take half of your cosmetics bag:-)

Inspiration from Florence:

Blossoming tree. Isn´t it nice? Just looking at it makes you smile a bit more!
The same: Just looking at it makes you smile a little bit more. If you are not a shoppaholic, of course:-)
Red and sexy. Hard to resist. Although I can simply imagine the blisters I would get from wearing it and I dont what it anymore. I´m so smart:-)
Typical Italian markets. I dont find it attractive, but the Italians for some reason do.
We are in Italy so what else should we prepare for dinner, huh? Italian octopuses!
I know what you are going to say about the last picture. That you would never eat it.
And fine, I can take it. But do not try to criticise my cool tie on a luggage, because I find it really funny:-)
What is inspirational in your life?

3 komentáře:

  1. I love that orange bag!!! Very cute! :))

    1. Hi Olga:-)
      I´m afraid to say that the cute orange bag is not from Italy, but from Bangkok:-)

  2. It's absolutely not important, because at the airport you will not confuse your orange bag with other people's suitcases (of course if those people are not from Thailand :))))