L´Occitane: Immortelle Brightening Essence

My favourite L´Occitane en Provence recently presented new products of Immortelle Brightening skin care. And I had the chance to try the Immortelle Brightening Essence. To be honest, it is such a little miracle to me.

How to use it? Easily! Every morning and evening, after having cleaned and dried your skin, apply the serum before using your daily moisturizer. I find it especially helpful when using it before going to sauna or Turkish bath, because than I have a feeling it goes deeper into my skin.

Brightening Essence serum (30ml) is mostly made of organic ingrediences and its concentrated formula also offers:
  • Bellis Perennis extract and Vitamin C derivative to diminish age spots and give skin a youthful glow
  • Garden Nasturtium extract to increase the skin’s natural ability to reflect light
  • Wintergreen leaf to help natural exfoliation and smooth skin micro-relief.
Althought it´s mostly made of oils, it is not oily at all. At all! It´s absorbed immediately and even after the first application you can feel the difference. 

L´Occitane promises it corrects wrinkles, makes the skin more toned, immediately smoother, more luminous and brighter. And I can´t agree more. 

I mean, I can´t talk about wrinkles yet, but after two months of using Brightening Essence I got rid of some skin problems. My skin is definitely much smoother and if luminous skin means a healthy skin than yes, it´s perfectly luminous:-)

After 2 monts of everyday use, I still have like half of the bottle, which means you really need only a few drops for the face. 

I´m sure you can find L´Occitane wherever you live. But anyway. For further information visit UK website of L´Occitane:-)

PS: If you are a native speaker, don’t hesitate to give feedback where I need it.  I would be delighted to improve my writing skills so feel free to correct me. It means a free English lesson for me anyway:-)
Thank you!   

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