Van Koten like One Cotton

Česká verze zde:-)

Today´s article could also be called: „How to get attention“ or „How to book a table“.

If you want to book a table in some Italian restaurants, you will sometimes need to make an impression on the waiter you are talking to. Because he will always say „No problema, no problema,“ but it has happened to me a few times that the reservation simply wasn´t there.

So when I called to book a table in Florence´s well-known disco Manduca, I knew I had to do something, because without a reservation they would not let me in. It was my name Van Koten that caught their attention – „Are you really called One Cotton, Madam? Cotton like the material that clothes are made of?“ a waitress asked.

Of course I wanted to correct her, but why?  I could hear her laughing, probably thinking „Poor girl with such a name!“

And she made the reservation.

When my husband and I arrived the other evening, we were so warmly welcomed by Manduca´s staff: „Ah, you are the One Cotton couple, aren´t you? Here is your table,“ said the nice hostess.

My advice to you? When going on holiday, change your name to get attention. If people feel sorry for how you are called, it is very likely they will offer you a drink for free:-)


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