What only Italian girls can do

It´s a well-known fact that women can do lots of things at the same time. But there is also a special category of women who can do lots of things at the same time when calling with someone. These women are called The Italians. A few examples...

In the restaurant:
A Italian girl puts her cell phone on the table and it starts beeping immediately. First, mom is calling. Then, „The Man“ is calling, and as the last one there is a best friend calling (it might be in a different order). The Italian girl tries to hold the cell phone with her shoulder and – meanwhile – she manages to order a starter, main dish, drink, dessert and coffe. She also manages to ask you how you are doing, tell you she´s been fine and still talks to her phone...

In the bus:
Half of the Italians who are sitting in the bus are usually fully concentrated on texting someone. They manages to write the text with both thumbs almost absent-mindedly.

At the gym:
While running or excersising, an Italian girl is writing SMSes again. With such a I´m-so-in-love face that I, knowing that the only SMS I get is from my mother, feel jealous!

In the cloakroom in the gym:
And now! An Italian girl is talking to someone on the phone again. Very hot-bloodedly. Holding the phone with her shoulder, talking and at the same time:
-          with one hand creaming her body
-          with the other one combing her hair
-          afterward putting some oil to her hair
-          putting make-up on (mascara, eyeliners, blusher...)
-          taking on her coat
-          taking her stuff and going home
-          telling her child that she is not going to tolerate more warnings from their school about not doing  homework!

I truly admire this, because who else can do it? I can´t, which is the reason why I write this article. I´m simply jealous.
Everybody is calling or texting to Italian girls while my cell phone is silent.
Italians manage to do lots of things while I need my time for everything.
They are either fighting with someone or looking so in love.

And I guess I miss it all.
Whatever. Have a nice day!


PS: If you are a native speaker, don’t hesitate to give feedback where I need it.  I would be delighted to improve my writing skills so feel free to correct me. It means a free English lesson for me anyway:-)
Thank you!  

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