Confession: I love going to the dentist. I´m scared to go to the hairdresser.

After reading this article you might think I´m insane.
Because this is my confession: I love going to the dentist. And I´m truly terrified to go to the hairdresser.
Well, simply because:

At the dentist:
"Ah, you have such great, strong and naturally white teeth. And you are more and more beautiful every day, sweetie. As I can see you´ve got as good teeth as your dad and as beautiful face as your mom, sweetie,"
Ha! Thank God, it is not the opposite way (sorry daddy...:-)

At the (female) hairdresser:
"You have terribly dry ends, do you ever have it cut? And why do you have such a hairstyle? You need a hairstyle for your long forehead, something like a fringe,"
What? Fringe? With my wavy hair? Who is insane here? And do not touch my hair, I cut the dry ends before I came here!

At the (male) hairdresser:
"Oh, darling. You´ve got such great big eyes. Do you know how to accentuate them? By shaving your head or by a short hair cut. Your eyes would be like diamonds then. Can I cut it?"
Right. Perfect. Again - with my wavy hair I will look like a sheep or Barack Obama. And my dear husband will divorce me.

Do you understand me now? When I´m leaving my dear dentist I feel like a star with nice white teeth. While when I´m leaving a hairdresser I have a feeling of an unmitigated disaster. Everything on my face is wrong. Utterly wrong.

Do you also have something like it? You can be honest with me.
I can understand if you love going to school and you are scared of free weekends (ok, I cant understand, but I will respect it!)
Or if you like taking of blood but faint at the sight of a grazed knee.

Because...nobody is perfect. So have a nice Easter!


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