The worst casting ever? It was the one for a shower gel.

The worst casting ever? Ha! I could talk about it for hours. It was the one for a shower gel.

Let´s describe it briefly: there´s one bigger atelier and around 10 models in the swimwear waiting for their turn. In this casting they have to pretend to be taking a shower. Which means – they have to (in front of the cameraman and other models) pretend to soaping their bodies with a great shower gel. And soaping body on TV, it is kind of an art...

a) You must look delighted to take a shower!
b) It must be visible that the shower gel smells good.
c) It also must be clear that the gel is creamy and your skin is silky-soft afterwards.
d) You must be soaping your body sensualy but you should not look like masturbating in the shower. And that´s the problem!

You are doing your best, but all the people in the room are staring at you. They try to keep a poker face (and not to laught at you), but they fail. It is funny to watch the other ones, but now it is my turn. The show can begin:-)

  • First, I dont know exactly how to touch my body and how to cover my breasts
  • Second, I dont know how to look delighted
  • Third, I just dont have an idea how to show people that the shower gel is creamy and that I love the smell of it. There is no shower gel after all.

And again – they all try to keep a poker face. And again – they dont manage.
It´s very different to take a shower in the privacy at home and on TV. The same „soaping technique“ like at home simply doesn´t work on TV.

So: I pay respect to all „shower gel actors“, because almost everybody can pretend crying, laughing or being angry, but to look good and not like from some cheap porn, that is a real art.

Have you experienced something like that? Or even worse?
Have a nice weekend,

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