How can you influence the sex of your baby?


I have such interesting news today from Holland.

Scientists at Maastricht University have discovered that women (not men, sorry!) can influence the sex of their babies more than they think.

Do you want to have a boy? Go a few months before getting pregnant for sodium and potassium rich food such as bananas (!!!), olives, bacon, smoked salon, prawns, savoury rice, potatoes, bread and pastries.

If you wish to have a girl, you should eat food rich in calcium and magnesium – yoghurt, spinach, tofu, hard cheese, rhubarb, broccoli, almonds and oranges.

Victoria Beckham did some changes in her nutrition last year and...she has got her first baby girl!

So for those who are skeptical...try it and let me know. Or even better – send me a picture of the babyJ


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