Nature´s Secret Bamboo: Tropical shower of freshness

today we will look at hot cosmetics news that will refresh (and KICK) your mind, soul and body...
Today I will present you a new tropical selection of Nature´s Secret Bamboo by Fleur de Santé. It is a real boost for your senses and you will never get this smell out of your mind. I promise. So...

Nature´s Secret Bamboo Sprchový gel a pěna do koupele 2v1

All "Bamboo" selection is enriched with extract from bamboo. I never have smelt bamboo before, but I love it, because it remands me a bit of pineapple and bit of something really tropical. I havent smelt anything like this yet. The shower gel is very nice and you can also use it as a bath foam. So...the ideal product to pack on your holidays!

Nature´sSecret Bamboo Peeling Soap

While the peeling soap does not have such an intensive smell as the shower gel, you will reach for this soap 
in a fight against dry skin. A peeling soap with a natural lufa that keeps your skin soft, smooth and bright. An amazing product!

Nature´s Secret Bamboo Deo Roll-on

The Deo Roll - on smells - like the rest of the selection - absolutely amazing. You can carry it in your handbag and refresh yourself with it all day. (PS: And what about using it for behind your ears? Its use is up to your fantasy!)

Nature´s Secret Bamboo Body Lotion

And in the end - the last product and— for me – also the best one. After all, this body lotion is really luxurious. Any lotion can smell great, but the question is...for how long? I was surprised when other people could smelt it even hours after I had creamed my body. I also used Bamboo lotion for my dry hands during the day. And they smelled simply gorgeous.

I think you will like these cosmetic, that you will love the smell of tropical fruits. And if somebody smells good, it makes them more sympathetic and more interesting, right?
Have a nice tropical holiday,

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