Nothing To Do In Florence

Hello everyone,

It has been exactly 11 months since I got stranded in Berlusconi country. The country where everything is possible, but nothing really works. The country where one may die of appendicitus as well as where one could become a celebrity over night.

For almost a year my husband and me have been trying to survive in this jungle. We try to be happy here (at least as much as circumstaces allow) and to discover something good.

That is why we present you a new travel blog which will offer you a lot of interesting information, not only on Florence. You will discover where to eat, how to spend your free time, what to avoid, and what to buy and visit...

And dont worry – it wont be any dry reading. On the contrary! We are investigative reporters dying for new sensations and for free apperativos. We will do everything to get everywhere, just to bring you the best pictures.

The blog is in english. It is for everyone (except Italians, of course!).

So...have a nice day and I´m going to investigate,

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