Pack our stuff and live abroad!


Do you also sometimes  have the feeling that you were born in the wrong place?
Not that our country is so bad, quite the opposite. We live a good live here: it is affordable and comfortable.

But! Do you also feel such a strange passion for a different country, its culture and its languange...? Does it make you go there all the time and being fascinated by observing the usual life of local people there for hours?

YES? Then you are addicted too. I have been addicted to Germany since I was born. I very often go there just for a day trip to get a new energy, ideas and to do some great shopping.
Yesterday I went back to Dresden. I enjoyed the amazing outdoor markets close to Old Town and even a fabulous sushi.

And I went on an Elbe boat trip afterwards. I was looking at the landscape and thinking what happened that I ended up in Italy instead of Germany. I guess I should have been more concrete when I asked God to let me live abroad.

If you have the same dream to pack your stuff and to start living a new life in a country of your dreams than I have a great song for you that I personally use for my dreaming...

And do you know why we wish so much to live in a different place? Maybe because it is faith...
To our dreams,

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  1. proč zrovna Německo? to je zajímavý :) já strašně moc ráda cestuju a žiju v jiných zemích, ale ještě jsem se nějak nerozhodla, kde bych nejraději bydlela. já to mam ráda skoro všude. I když třeba Španělsko miluju, ale nedokážu si tam představit žít asi dýl, než 3 roky. všechno má nějak něco do sebe :)