A secret of successful models

Hello, my dears...

I often receive emails from girls who would love to become models. The girls want to ask me if they have at least a small chance in modeling.

The First thing I notice is that most of them are really smart girls, mostly around 16yo. And according to their writing, they seem to be very mature as well.

The Second thing I notice - which impresses me - are their ambitions. They have a dream. They want to manage something in the world. And they know nobody except them can take care of their success and happiness.

How do you feel about your body?

The Third thing I notice   the most shoking one – is that these girls dont belive in themself. Not all of them send me their pictures, but most of them do. Portraits and body pictures.

Their questions are: „Are my legs too fat ? Is  my belly slim enough? Are my breasts or nose too large....?“

It has never EVER happened to me that I found really big shortcomings with their faces or bodies. Never. They are very beautiful girls with naturally slim bodies and perfect faces. They are girls whom most of us would envy (I am, for example, envious of their big breasts, long legs, thick hair and slim hips)

On the other hand I know lots of girls who are – unfortunately – not sensible, but they try to get into modeling (or showbysnys) at any cost. They end up doing stupid things, like trying to sleep their way up.....

So, dear girls, you are pretty but you have very low self-esteem.
Dont fear to contact some model agencies, because there is only one rule in modeling: Every model must promote herself with all that belongs to her (plusses and minuses).

If you have any questions, my email is: luciexkunesova@gmail.com

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