Is it a ghost?

Saturday, 4:01 a.m.

Sleeping deeply like a baby. Well, until I´m woken up. Such a strange movement of the door, of the wardrobe and even of the pictures on the wall.

God, it must be a ghost! I immedietely see all the ghost stories in my head about what can happen to you if you get a ghost in the building, like for example: somebody is touching your foot with a cold hand. Somebody is opening the door or the wardrobe. Exactly!

But wait, there is something wrong. Why my body is vibrating? Am I having sex? Or are my neighbour having sex? Oh come on! They don´t sleep together for a half of their marriage!

And suddenly such a scream coming from outside. The Italians go on the balcony to scream at each other. They are panicked. They scream hysterically, tragically.

Now I get it - an earthquake is here. And probably a big one considering it woke up a half of the Florence. Earthquake doesn´t stop and I realise we might die here. We live in the highest floor and the building is shaking!

Oh God. I don´t want to die yet. And especially not here, in Italy with hysterical Italians on the balcony. At least I can´t see what they are wearing as pyjamas, at least that. Probably some terribly big underwear from a renaissance age!

After a while, it stops shaking (meaning: after me praying three times). The door is open, but no movement anymore. My body is not vibrating anymore. It didn´t destroy our house. And even the Italians are going back to bed.

I feel like a hero. I survived. And I experienced the earthquake. I will be boasting about it in front of my parents. Not that someone died. Not at all. But nobody has to know that, right? So when my parents ask me what I did at the moment, I will tell them that I was helping other people to get out of the balcony and practically saved their lives.

OK, not even our dog believes in such stories. But everybody looks pretty attracked to what I´m saying. And that´s the point!
Have you ever experienced something like that?

Take care,

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