Blog Život podle Lucie now also in English!

I have always preached on this blog about how important it is to DARE to take the first step toward your dreams but recently it’s been me who’s been finding new and more creative excuses not to do so. All the time.

I´m not talking about modeling now. I´m talking about English.

My English-speaking friends have been asking me for a while when the hell I was going to translate this blog to English. And I kept telling them how crazy they must be. But yesterday morning I woke up and knew there were no excuses anymore.

I make thousands of mistakes, right? But thanks to my great English teachers – Chona and Catherine – I´ve learnt a lot of grammar recently. And I have also learnt that mistakes are a normal part of life – and certainly of learning English.

I mustn´t be afraid of making mistakes. Otherwise, I won’t learn the language properly.
I musn´t be afraid to experiment. 
I mustn´t be afraid that some Oxford professor would bitterly correct the mistakes I make here.  What would an Oxford professor be doing here anyway, right:-)?

So. From this moment on most of the articles on this blog Život Podle Lucie (= Life according to Lucie) are going to be in English. Especially those saying that Czech girls are the most beautiful in the world:-)
To English!


PS: If you are a native speaker, don’t hesitate to give feedback where I need it.  I would be delighted to improve my writing skills so feel free to correct me. It means a free English lesson for me anyway:-)
Thank you!

2 komentáře:

  1. Jumping in is always the hardest part Lucie - you are a great example for lots of our students here at The London College of Fashion who never really learn despite being here. I'll try to check out your blog when I have time. Are you in touch with my friend Lenka at Tamsin? Best wishes, Bill

  2. Thank you, Bill. It means a lot to me.
    I do my best to learn english properly, but gosh! It is sometimes so difficult (talking about prepositions, phrasal verbs, articles etc...)
    I´m so jealous of all english native speakers...:-)